"Bambous" - 1988
Fujino, Japon
C. Print on aluminium
100 x 100 cm
"Habitat, être, neige, osier" - 1980
Chiemgau - C. print on aluminium
100 x 100 cm
"Alpinias" - 1991
Martinique . C. print on aluminium
100 x 100 cm
"Pétales de roses Rosa Rugosa Thunberg aiguilles de pins"- 1996
Ile de Sylt, Mer du Nord.
C. print on aluminium
100 x 100 cm
"Nid d'hiver" - 1986
Boules de neige colorées avec le jus des baies "boules de neige" - Haute Bavière. C. print on aluminium.
66 x 100 cm
"Lit de ruisseau volcanique, pétales de liserons" - 1990 - Ile de la Réunon
C. print on aluminium
Triptyque 3 éléments 76 x 100 cm

Extracts from his notebook :

" To design with flowers. To paint with the clouds. To write with water. To record the wind of may or the path of a falling leaf. To work on a storm. To anticipate a glacier. To arrange water and light.... To take in a forest or a prairie....

To open up the solid, living, three dimensional spaces of Nature. With the slightest possible intervention, to electrify and transform the spaces of Nature into the spaces of Art....

Everything that can be seized by the five senses is involved in this conception, as it is only through the combined participation of the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch that Nature spaces can be properly appreciated : Nature is itself a total work of art, a utopia, that begins and ends with itself.

Only one precisely framed section of Nature was reorganized. It goes without saying that it was a fleeting reorganization. This day of intervention will be erased by nature, leaving no traces behind....

It is only in its ultimate sanctuaries that Nature is still intact and inexhaustible. Only there is the enchantment still a reality, at each instant, in all seasons, the smallest as well as the greatest. Always...
The sensations are omnipresent. As a realist, I have only gathered them, but with the intention of stripping them of their anonymity.
With a wild and indestructible faith in utopia.
To establish poetry in the extrahuman flow of Time...

In the overwhelming profusion of natural phenomena, it would appear that only small or very small fragments can be worked on, detached from their context...

Today, I am often quite content just to botanize, gather and display.

To record the experience of a world that is well on the way to disappearing. To bear witness to a mode of life that has long since became anachronistic, to an attitude that can’t endure, even in men of good will...

Even if I work parallel to nature and only intervene with the greatest possible care, a basic internal contradiction remains. It is a contradiction that underlies all of my work, which itself can’t escape the inherent fatality of our existence. It harms what it touches : the virginity of nature...

To realize what is possible and latent in Nature, to literally realize what has never existed, utopia becomes reality. A second life suffices. The event has taken place. I have only animated it and made it visible. "